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About Us

The Name:
Global festivals combining South African Music, Food and culture (Afri - South Africa as well as Afrikaans, a language spoken in South Africa) with those around the world.

Dog Box Records: 
The Afri-World fest is part of Dog Box Records. The record label is also the main sponcor of the festivals. 

Aim Of The Festivals: 
There are South Africans living wordwide. The aim of Afri-World fest is to promote South-African artists, our culture and food around the world. We also want to learn from our host countries. With that in mind we started organising these festivals.
A secondary aim is to promote new and upcuming artists. It is difficult for new artists to get a gig at festivals, we will give them that break.

Themes and what to expect:
 All festivals are child friendly. We also cater for the disabled. Each festival will vary depending of the country where it is hosted, but the overall theme stay the same.
When we have a festival in the UK (England) we will invite some local artists as well as people from the community to bring their culture, food and tradition to the festival. If we do a festival in Scotland, or Wales we will do the same there. We follow the same rule no matter where in the world the festival takes place.

South African Part of the festival:
1. South African singers and bands.
2. Braai ( bbq) Competitions.
3. Boeresport (Traditional games) and childrens games. 
4. Stalls selling South African products, preferbly hand made.
5. Other forms of South African culture, Art, Books, Paintings ect.

Local Part of the festival:
1. Local music.
2. Local food stalls, or competitions if applicable.
3. Traditional games.
4. Stalls selling local products, preferebly handmade.
5. Other forms of the local culture, Art, Books, Paintings ect.

Questions and Answers Below

  1. Disabled? - If you are deaf or disabled and require full time assistance, your Personal Assistant is entitled to a free ticket for the festival. Please note, you may be asked to provide proof from the DWP stating that you are entitled to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 
  2. Traders - We have a veriety of stalls at all our festivals. Please contact us if you are interristed in setting up a stall.
  3. Volunteer - We are always looking for volunteers to help us keep things running smoothly. Volunteering is a great way to enjoy the festival for free while being part of a team and supporting our festival.
  4. Accomendation: It varies, some sites will have camping facilities available, more info on the festival page about that and hotels nearby.
  5. Community: We work with the local community and councils to enable us to get as many of the local population involved and promote the town / districts local food, culture and music.
  6. Advertising at the festivals: We do have permanent advertisers and sponcors who work with us, you are welcome to contact us if you want to get involved.
  7. Safety and security: We take the safety and security of our guests as the most important part of the festival. The festival is also child friendly and we will not tollerate any person or group to spoil the festival for others. No drugs, fireams or any other weapons will be tollerated. 
  8. Charities: Some of our artsits work with their own charities and part of their fee as well as sales on their merchendise gets donated to them. Please support them.


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